Travel Assistance


The cost of treating Acromegaly doesn't only involve the medical costs, we also need to consider travel costs, including hotel stays, flights to and from appointments, and additional extra and unexpected costs that are travel related. Some patients are restricted to which medical team they choose because travel costs are unaffordable. The majority of these patients do not live near a larger metropolitan area which limits which doctors they have at their disposal, leaving them to choose from doctors who have never worked with, let alone heard of, Acromegaly. In order to get the best care possible, many patients travel outside of their hometown, or even their home state, to get the best care possible. For some patients,the travel resources below may help get better care by getting travel assitance.

Miracle Flights

Miracle Flights has the cure for distance. Miracle Flights is a nonprofit organization that helps sick children fly to distant medical care. Since 1985, Miracle Flights has established itself as the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization, providing financial assistance for flights so that those with serious illnesses may receive life-altering, life-saving medical treatment and valuable second opinions from experts and specialists throughout the United States. Flights are coordinated through commercial airlines at no cost to families and as many times as necessary: Whether it's a one-time flight to obtain a proper diagnosis or several flights for ongoing treatment, there is no limit to the number of times Miracle Flights will fly patients, free of charge, to receive the medical care they require. Through the support of generous community partners and individual donors, Miracle Flights gives hope to families that their children and loved ones may live longer, healthier lives. For additional information, please visit

To request a flight, please call 800-359-1711 and speak with a Flight Specialists to see if you meet the income eligibility requirements. Flights can be requested 60 days prior to their appointment, but no later than 14 days before it. 

Acromegaly does not define us. We do not let our diagnosis hold us back from living a full and enriched life. Some have found passion, purpose, and inspiration through their diagnosis. These people bring inspiration, and we call this our "Faces of Hope".

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